Wednesday 28 December 2011

Rochelle's Christmas Shoot

Rochelle was back in Bermuda for Christmas and we got together for a quick shoot.   We needed a simple concept as we had little time for planning, so settled on a David Yurman inspired jewelry shoot.   We used a couple of pieces that Tiara loaned us for the shoot.    Make-up was done by Afroditi and  Matt Kendall kindly offered to assist.

The shoot took place on Tuesday 27th December at 1.30 pm.   The weather was bright and sunny with a little haze.   The bright sunlight was creating hard shadows and was metering at F13 at ISO 100 and 1/100 sec.   My desire to have a shallow depth of field and to shoot at F2.8 meant I needed to drop the exposure by 4.5 stops.  A 2 stop ND filter was added,  another stop was saved by dropping the ISO to 50.  The remaining 1.5 stops was achieved by increasing the shutter speed to 1/350 sec.     I used the 64" Parabolic reflector as the main light source, triggered by the PW Mini which enables a sync speed of up to 1/500 sec.    As the light fluctuated due to the clouds,  the ISO was moved back to 100 and the shutter speed slowed as needed.

Here are a some pics from the shoot.

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