Friday 25 May 2012

Part 1: "Morocco" By Christopher Vee

This beauty shoot with Christopher Vee was based around a necklace that he purchased in Morocco whilst on vacation there earlier in the year.

The model is Shaela Godfrey who I saw in a fashion show the weekend before the shoot and thanks to facebook managed to track her down,  Turns out Shaela is a MUA as well and works at MAC.

Thanks to Alex Masters for letting us shoot at whitespace* studio.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Tamara - Swimsuit Shoot Part 1

This is the second swimsuit shoot that Tamara and I have done.  The first one was back in November 2010 and was more of a fashion style.  This time Tamara wanted the images to be more like Sports Illustrated swimsuit style.  The intention was to shoot 3 outfits, however, the weather, which had been nice all day, started to turn cloudy as we started to shoot.  We started with this black bikini at one beach and got the following images.
 By the time we got to the second location the weather had deteriorated, we shot some images but in the end decided not to use them and rather to reschedule the remainder of the shoot on a better day.    For this kind of shoot you really do need a nice sunny day with blue skies and aquamarine water, as soon as the clouds roll in the sky goes grey and the sea loses all of its beautiful colours.

Friday 11 May 2012

'FETISH' by Alexandra Mosher

The inspiration of this Fetish shoot started out when I saw a pic of Tamara wearing a piece that Alexandra Mosher designed for a Fetish Art show.

I contacted Alexandra and asked her if she had any other pieces and whether I could shoot them.  We met shortly after for a brainstorming session.  Alexandra was excited by the concept and offered to make custom pieces for the shoot.
The basic inspiration for the shoot theme  was a youtube video of Lindsey Lohan called "Lindsey's private party".  Becca had shown me this video a couple of years ago, but we never got round to basing a shoot on it.  The inspiration for the style of poses was taken from a shoot in the April Edition of Vogue Italia,  basically trying to take the edgy video concept and putting an Editorial spin on it.