Saturday 29 March 2014

Miami Vice Part 1 (Chilli Rating - Two Chillies)


This is the second of the three shoots that I did whilst in Miami.
The model is a full time professional glamour and nude model and who goes by the name of L.Shima.  This is her [website.] <-- click link

Shooting Shima was a lot of fun, she is constantly on the move and never needed any direction. Sometimes it was actually difficult to catch the perfect shot since the poses weren't static and often I wasn't quick enough to grab the shot at the right time.  But it certainly produced the type of images I was looking for in terms of energy.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Miami Heat (Chilli Rating - One Chilli)

Contains Lingerie (NSFW)

I was away on business for the latter part of February and beginning of March.   The last leg of my trip was in Miami.  I arrived around midday on Saturday and since my meetings weren't starting until Monday I planned a few shoots.  Miami is not quite Vegas, but its more Vegas than it is Bermuda, so I decided to shoot some less conservative content.   I did 3 shoots, I'll post them in order of conservativeness.  So for this shoot I'll rate it at One Chilli, with a "almost suitable for work" grade.