Sunday 30 August 2015

As the sun goes down with Rochelle

Rochelle contacted me several months ago and mentioned that she would be home for several weeks around cup match and wanted to shoot.  Its been a couple of years since we have shot together, although last year I shot her windows collection but she was the designer and stylist on that shoot not the model. Rochelle came up with the concept for this shoot, which was loosely based on a image she found of a model crouching in water, wearing bright colors and an Asian style hat.  

Sunday 23 August 2015

Hotness Part 2 - with Yuki (NSFW)

This is the second part of the shoot I recently did with Yuki.  To finish up we decided to do an implied wet look shoot.

Its probably not worth writing anything else, I'm sure you've probably skipped to the images already.  LOL

Contains Implied Nudity

Thursday 20 August 2015

Hotness Part 1 - with Yuki

In the summer of 2014 Yuki and I had made plans to do a sexy style shoot based on FHM covers.  However, our calendars never aligned and the shoot was put off to this summer.  We finally got together a couple of weeks ago at whitespace studio and created something kind of hot.
We shot several different looks, two thirds of the shoot was the FHM inspired looks which appear in this blog post (part 1) and then the last third of the shoot we did a wet look style shoot which will be posted in the near future (part 2)

Friday 14 August 2015

Beauty Shoot with Sophie

Maria and Sophie wanted to do a beauty shoot so Maria came up with the concept which had a bright and fun vibe similar to a teen magazine.   She then sourced all the clothes and accessories from online stores and was then responsible for styling the hair and doing the make-up.

The shoot was done at whitespace studio, the lighting was a standard beauty lighting with a 30.5" Mola beauty dish and 2x3 reflector.

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Adolfo Sanchez Collection

I'd seen Adolfo's collection at the International Designers Fashion show and loved the dresses and wanted to shoot them.  A couple of nights later whilst shooting the Evolution Fashion Show (the main event of the Bermuda Fashion Show),  Anthony Wade informed me that he had been asked to shoot the collection early the next morning and asked me if I wanted to share the shoot with him.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

2015 Swimsuit Series - #6 Novah Swimwear

I first saw the Novah swimwear brand on Instagram back in 2014.  I finally realised that the owner and designer was Bermudian, Madeline White.   I messaged Madeline and asked if I could loan some of her outfits for my 2015 swimsuit series.  Madeline, who lives in the UK, was back on the island as one of the designers featured in the Local Designers show of the Bermuda Fashion Festival .  
We arranged the shoot for the Wednesday after fashion week and decided to use models that had walked for the Novah collection and selected Sophie and Karina.