Sunday 24 February 2013

The Fire Shooting Crew

Last weekend I got invited to a photographers get together with 3 photographers, that a few days earlier I wasnt even aware of.  These guys (Jack Thomas, Chris Ingham and Adrian Cunningham) are amateur photographers who have been experimenting with night photography, shooting with long exposures, light painting and also shooting fire in various forms.  I saw some of their work and when I asked how the shot was executed, Jack told me that they had another shoot planned on the upcoming Saturday and I was welcome to come along and see for myself.

Saturday 2 February 2013

Jessica Sinclair - Make up by Marcia Adiutori

This is the third of four shoots that I did with the Make-up artists at the MAC store.  This is the second look done by Marcia, with Kira being the first.   The model is Jessica Sinclair.  I first saw Jessica when I was shooting behind the scenes at the Evolution fashion show rehearsals.  We had agreed to shoot in the fall of 2012 but that shoot was postponed as I decided to take a 4 month break.  Hopefully we will reschedule it for this summer.