Sunday 13 October 2013

Avarie's Beauty Shoot

This shoot with Avarie was done at the end of August.   The concept was a collaboration between Avarie who created the head piece and make up artist Christopher Vee.
It was a fairly quick shoot to do, as there was just the one look.  With beauty head shots, there really isn't that much variety you can do in terms of different poses.
We did the shoot at whitespace* studios and I chose to use a coloured backdrop.  I picked Olive green which seemed to work best with the golds and purples of the head piece.

Sunday 6 October 2013

End of Summer Shoot with Sophie

This shoot with Sophie was done at the end of August and was the last of my outdoor summer shoots.  We wanted it to be an editorial style shoot and tried to collaborate with a couple of stores for outfits, unfortunately we weren't able to acquire anything suitable, so instead we pulled together a couple of simple looks from Sophie's own wardrobe.
The inspiration for the shoot was a simple beach and dunes shoot with a slightly desaturated/low contrast colour scheme.