Wednesday 3 October 2012

Sophie and Hurricane Leslie

This shoot took place a couple of weeks ago in early September when Hurricane Leslie threatened to hit the island.  The shoot was on Saturday, the storm was estimated to hit the island on Sunday, fortunately it changed its path and missed well to the East.  What it did do though, was create some nice storm surge, perfect for a quick unplanned shoot.

On Friday night I put out a Facebook post asking if anyone was up for a hurricane shoot and Sophie replied.

Tuesday 2 October 2012

End of Summer Bikini Shoot with Asha

 This shoot with Asha took place at the beginning of September.  It was the last of the summer shoots that were planned back in April.  However,  since busy work commitments have taken up Monday through to Saturday and Sunday is now dedicated to NFL there hasn't been a lot of free time in September, it has taken a month for me to get around to processing the images.
 This is the second time Asha and I have shot together, the first time being 2 years ago, which was also a bikini shoot.  Asha told me that this was the first time that she has shot since then.