Thursday 20 March 2014

Miami Heat (Chilli Rating - One Chilli)

Contains Lingerie (NSFW)

I was away on business for the latter part of February and beginning of March.   The last leg of my trip was in Miami.  I arrived around midday on Saturday and since my meetings weren't starting until Monday I planned a few shoots.  Miami is not quite Vegas, but its more Vegas than it is Bermuda, so I decided to shoot some less conservative content.   I did 3 shoots, I'll post them in order of conservativeness.  So for this shoot I'll rate it at One Chilli, with a "almost suitable for work" grade.
As I was traveling for 11 days, with half the time being spent in Canada and the other half in Miami I had to pack for cold/warm and office/casual.  That didn't leave a lot of room for equipment, but I crammed in as much as I could and was relieved to see my bag weigh in at 49.8 lbs.  (0.2lbs below the limit)

Here's what I packed in may carry on:
5d mk iii
70-200 F2.8 IS L ii
24-105 F4 IS L
85 1.8
Pocket Wizards
Remote trigger
Company Dell 17"
Macbook Air

and this in my checked luggage:
1 Einstein 640 + 7" reflector
1 2x3 soft box
1 64" PLM
Vagabond Mini
1 small light stand
Tripod and head

The model for this shoot is Diana Kotova, as with all the models for this trip, I found her on Model Mayhem.


135mm, ISO 100, F5, 1/100

 105mm, ISO 100, F5, 1/100

160mm, ISO 100, F5, 1/100

73mm, ISO 100, F5, 1/60

 90mm, ISO 100, F3.2, 1/125

  80mm, ISO 100, F3.2, 1/125

  90mm, ISO 100, F3.2, 1/125

 85mm, ISO 100, F3.2, 1/125

 102mm, ISO 100, F4, 1/125

50mm, ISO 400, F4, 1/80

 75mm, ISO 200, F3.2, 1/125

 80mm, ISO 200, F2.8, 1/60

  75mm, ISO 320, F3.2, 1/125

  70mm, ISO 250, F2.8, 1/60

 70mm, ISO 200, F2.8, 1/60

 70mm, ISO 250, F2.8, 1/60

70mm, ISO 250, F2.8, 1/60

 70mm, ISO 250, F2.8, 1/60

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