Sunday 27 July 2014

Art Nude #3 - Abstraction


This is the third art nude shoot that I've done.  The aim was to create some interesting abstract images using the latex house paint with the body as the canvas. 

Artists:  Susan Thomas and Hannah Collins
Models:  Requested Anonymity
Assistant: Eric Bean

Thanks also to Eric for letting me use his studio.

Click on Image to Enlarge

Seeing as its Cup Match week, I'm going to start off with some images in the team colours of St Georges and Somerset.



"Storm Surge"


"Horse whipper"

"Slam Dunk"

"Sea Horses"



"Dead Rat"

"Wedding Dresses"

Models Testimonies From Art Nude Shoots:
"Thank you so much, Mike! Yesterday was great fun!  I found the experience to be relaxed, comfortable and empowering. I would definitely do it again as it was a great body confidence boost."

"I had a great time, wonderful freeing experience all naked with paint lol" 

"Thanks guys! Will never forget today's shoot! Lots of patience and fun! Cool thanks xx"

"Thank you so much, it was a really interesting experience.   I love how you almost have to really imagine what the blank canvas is and imagine how the paint drips and creates textures over such subtle curves."

"I had fun shooting with you today! Hope I helped you accomplish what you wanted"

"Yes was very fun and an interesting way to shoot nudes. Looking forward to seeing the rest of them."

"It was a very enjoyable shoot as well given the creation process itself"


If there are any models that would like to participate in the next Art Nude shoot then please send me an email ( or message me on Facebook (/firetog)

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