Sunday 19 February 2012

Lip Tattoo Shoot

Here are the images from the Lip Tattoo shoot that took place at the end of January.

With 5 models these have taken quite a while to edit, hence the lack if Blog posts over the last couple of weeks.   I haven't kept count of the length of time but I'd estimate editing has taken somewhere in the region of 50 hours.

Hannah Collins was the make-up artist, Lip Tattoos were supplied and applied by Monique Stevens, Styling by Monique and James Lee, Hair Stylists were Sierra Scraders and Kiwana Stephens.  Models were Danielle Smith, Sarafina Durrant, Sherri Scott, Courtney Davis and Tamara Bradshaw.

Special Thanks to Alex Masters for letting us use whitespace* studio.

The light set-up was as follows:

33.5" Mola Beauty Dish as the key light at F8
1x6 Strip Soft box as rim light at F11
a Reflector/Barndoor for hair at F11


Model:  Danielle


Model: Sarafina

Model: Sheri

Model: Courtney

Model : Tamara

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