Thursday 11 July 2013

Jesenia - Beach Shoot

Jesenia was visiting Bermuda last month, she was here with her boyfriend who was teaching the Bermuda Mens Rugby team whilst she was teaching the Bermuda ladies.  In her spare time she is also a competing fitness model.

She contacted me and asked if I was available for a TFCD shoot.  As it happens I had just had 2 shoots for that coming weekend get cancelled, so I had a free weekend and agreed to do a quick shoot on Saturday morning.

Christopher Vee offered to do the make up and Jonathan decided he could spare a couple of hours away from his studying to help assist.

Technical Info:

Canon 1D mk iv and Canon 5D mk iii
24-105 F4 and 70-200 (with 2stop ND filter and CP)

Lighting:  Einstein 640 in Beauty Dish.


1/125 F2.8 200mm

1/200 F2.8 102mm

1/200 F2.8 155mm

1/200 F2.8 80mm

 1/200 F2.8 85mm

 1/100 F2.8 105mm

1/320 F3.5 100mm  (natural light)

1/320 F3.5 85mm

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  1. Great Pics. Represents Bermuda well also.


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