Sunday 4 August 2013

Goodbye Crazy July !

This blog post is just a quick update on what I've been up to in July and will explain the lack of recent blog posts.  I predicted at the end of June that July was going to be a hectic month and so it turned out to be.  It started with the Evolution Fashion Week.  The schedule was bigger than previous years, with additional weekday evening shows leading up to the main event on Saturday night. 

The first show I attended was the Hair and Beauty Show.  Five local hair salons partnered with local make up artists, let their creative minds go wild.  They presented 5 very unique and very interesting looks.

Bersalon with make-up by Christopher Vee, started the show with their take on hair and beauty through the ages.

Ashley and Sarafina

James and Savannah

Next up was Nadz.  And to be honest I have no clue what their theme was.  All I remember is them dancing to Gangnam Style.

Salon Pink wowed the audience with their take on Aliens. 

Rayneisha and Jessica

Soave was the fourth to present their collection.  Their theme, from what I can make out, was powerful women.  (but I could be wrong)

Eva and Briana

TK Hair was last to present, as anticipated provided some of the biggest hair styles of the night, along with a live hair cutting demo and a zombie theme and some models being lowered onto the runway from the ceiling on rope swings.   By all accounts Sophie almost peed herself with fright.

Corynne and Alex

 Sophie and Kira

 Melissa and ??

After the Hair and Beauty came the local designer showcase.
Organised by Bermuda own fashionista, Shiona Turini, 5 local designers were selected for mentoring by 5 top fashion magazine editors from New York.  Included in the 5 were 15 year old Celine Morton, Juliana Gibbons, Alexandra Outerbridge, Rene Hill and Alshante Foggo.

Fashion Week concluded with the main Event the Evolution Fashion Show.  I took over 7,000 images on the night.  By 10pm, whilst the show was still ongoing, about 70 images from the Making Waves collection were already online.  More images went up as the show continued,  thanks to Bryant and Jack who were busy working behind the scenes collecting my cards and cropping / uploading images from Jacks office.  Once the show was over, the hard work started, averaging 3 hours sleep for the next 2 days I edited and uploaded over 2,000 images to facebook.  Everything was completed by midnight Monday.

 Rayneisha / Yuki

Melissa / Sara

Sarafina / Rayneisha

 Sophie / Karina

Model Announcement
After the show, UK modeling agency Elite,  announced the names of the 6 models that they had selected for further consideration.   The Elite scouts returned to the UK to present the 6 models' profiles to their bosses, a week later it was announced that both Rayneisha and Sophie had been selected for further development and review.  So a big congratulations goes out to 2 of my favourite models.  (Just goes to show I have good taste :D).     I wish you both great success with your future modeling careers.

Once the Evolution pics were finished, I had a chance to clear out some back log shoots, (Eva and Jesenia) and then it was straight into another busy week.    Saturday started with a shoot with Rochelle at the airport dump. (Pics coming in next blog post),  then an androgynous shoot with Rayneisha in the studio.  Sunday morning was an early start for an African themed shoot with Desiree that had been postponed about 5 times due to poor weather. 

Rochelle's shoot 

In the afternoon I hosted the photographer / model meet and greet for 5 hours in the blazing afternoon heat.   We had a good turn out with about 20 photographers and 30 models, everyone seemed to have a great time and hopefully made some good connections.  This was the fourth meet and greet and it appears that the beach is the place to hold it as both times its been on a beach the turnout has been good the other two times not good at all.

I shot with a lot of new faces and the 5 that stood out as having the most potential were Karina (who I've since shot with), Teressa, Jenique, Jasmine and Josie Debraga.  Maybe next year I'll find some time to shoot with each of them.

The day after the meet and greet I started shooting the Natwest Island Games.  I shot a selection of sports including:  Athletics, Beach Volley Ball, Swimming, Mountain Biking, Indoor Volleyball and Soccer:

Also whilst shooting the island games I was lucky enough to get to shoot with one of Bermuda's most successful models, Lillian Lightbourne, who is currently working for Trump Models in New York.   Since the island games finished 2 weeks ago I've spent 9 days off island with work and then shot some cricket on Thursday and had a shoot with Karina yesterday.   So 5 shoots still to edit and post.

- Rochelle
- Rayneisha
- Desiree
- Lillian
- Karina

Cup match - Congrats to Somerset on retaining the cup this year.  Rumour has it they deserved to win but rain put pay to that and a draw was all they needed anyway.

Full coverage of all the above events can be found in the albums of my facebook page

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