Saturday 24 August 2013

Androgyny by Rayneisha

When I asked Rayneisha if she was interested in doing a shoot this summer,  she told me that she
really wanted to do something with an androgynous theme.  So I left it up to her to find the clothes and inspiration images and I pretty just had to turn up and shoot it on the day.   Afroditi offered to do the make up and between her and Rayneisha they came up with a look that met the theme.

This was shot at whitespace studio and was a fairly straight forward set up.  If I remember correctly there was a 6x4 softbox to my right and 2 strip soft boxes on the white background.  Exposure was at about F10 on Rayneisha and probably a stop over that on the background.

As the looks were all based around this one suit there wasnt a great deal of difference between all the images so I decided to play around with the edits and give it variety and try and create something that you might find in some of the more extreme fashion mags like zink, hunger, I-D etc.

I played around with the blending modes and settled on the divide mode that created almost a cartoon / drawing feel.  I also expanded the canvas size on several of the images to create additional negative space.  It's different than my normal sytle and probably some people will like it and others hate it.   Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments as feedback is always useful and appreciated.

Model:  Rayneisha Bean
MUA:  Afroditi
Location:  Whitespace studio


Tags:  firetog; blog; Mike Jones; Bermuda; photography; photographer; photo; shoot; model; editorial; fashion; couture; avant garde; fashion show; beauty; portraits; swimwear; swimsuit; bikini; glamour; boudoir; artistic; nude; photoshop; editing; retouching; studio; lighting; Canon; Paul Buff; Einstein; pocket wizard; beauty dish; vagabond;


  1. HOT HOT HOT........

  2. Rayneisha is gorgeous as always! The 3rd to last image is my definite favorite. This is a cool shoot concept, but I think that using some props or sets would have really made an impact.


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