Saturday 14 September 2013

Terrracotta Tones with Karina

This shoot with Karina was organised at very short notice.  I'd asked her for a shoot when we met at the meet and greet a couple of weeks earlier.  Then when she emailed me to set something up I was really busy, so I gave her a proposal. I told her that if she could come up with a concept, provide me with inspiration images and pics of all the outfits that she was going to wear,  acquire a MUA and find a suitable location, then I would consider shooting it, providing it was up to the same standard as all my other shoots.

Within a day Karina had everything presented to me.  The concept was based on several images of models wearing simple white outfits, all images had a Mediterranean feel, with old terracotta walls and warm tones.  She had a location in mind (provided example pics) and had got agreement from Christopher Vee to do her make-up.   I was really impressed with quality of her concept and the speed with which she had pulled it all together and had covered every detail that I had asked for.

I really like the way this worked out and if more models would do this it would make shooting so much easier.  Planning shoot concept takes a lot of time and therefore reduces the amount of shoots I do.  If a model came to me with all the details planned like Karina did it would be a lot easier to squeeze in an extra shoot.  (just a little heads up to anyone thinking about emailing me for a shoot, just don't propose the usual I want to shoot on a horse concept)

This was Karina's first shoot, so it was a big learning experience for her.  She took my directions really well, she fell into her poses with ease.  Once we did a little work on her facial expressions we got some really nice shots. 

Technical Details:
This was shot late in the afternoon with the sun starting to set over the top of the wall that we started out using as a background.  The shadows were hard so I added fill flash using the Beauty dish.  As the sun was going down quickly we didnt have long to grab the shots and then had move on to the next location to try and find some more of that golden light.

Thanks to Christopher Vee for doing the make-up and also to Glenn Tucker for coming along to assist.

Model:  Karina Rebellato
MUA:  Christopher Vee
Assistant: Glenn Tucker

Canon 5D mk iii with 70-200
Canon 1D mk iv with 24-105

Click on image to enlarge

1/400 F5.6 100mm

 1/400 F5.6 100mm

1/400 F5.6 140mm

1/400 F5.6 85mm

 1/400 F4.5 70mm

1/400 F5.0 105mm

 1/250 F8.0 35mm

1/320 F7.1 115mm

 1/320 F8 75mm

 1/250 F6.3 47mm

1/250 F6.3 45mm

1/400 F6.3 47mm

1/400 f7.1 75mm

1/400 f6.3 45mm

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