Sunday 13 October 2013

Avarie's Beauty Shoot

This shoot with Avarie was done at the end of August.   The concept was a collaboration between Avarie who created the head piece and make up artist Christopher Vee.
It was a fairly quick shoot to do, as there was just the one look.  With beauty head shots, there really isn't that much variety you can do in terms of different poses.
We did the shoot at whitespace* studios and I chose to use a coloured backdrop.  I picked Olive green which seemed to work best with the golds and purples of the head piece.

Photographer: Mike Jones
Model: Avarie Graham
MUA: Christopher Vee
Head Piece: Paradise Flowers (Avarie Graham)
Location: whitepace* studio

Technical Details.
33.5 inch Mola Beauty Dish
1'x6' soft box. As Rim light, behind and to the right
1 strobe in barn doors on back drop.  From the left.
2x3 Reflector under model's chin.

Canon 5D mkiii
70-200 f2.8


Exposure on all images was ISO 200, F3.2

Focal Length: 180mm 

 Focal Length: 200mm  (also cropped)

 Focal Length: 125mm 

 Focal Length: 190mm (also cropped)

Focal Length: 200mm 

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