Sunday 1 December 2013

Angels and Demons with Jessica Sinclair

The planning for this shoot started back in the summer of 2012 but was postponed for various reasons, mostly weather and availability.  The concept changed slightly from a whimsical white dress in a field with a castle in the background to what we have here which is a good versus evil concept.  The plan was always for Jessica to make the outfits herself which involved a big tulle skirt and a corset top.   We finished the look off with a some head pieces created specifically for the shoot by Avarie from paradise flowers and also  found some dried vines at the location which we ended up using as a crown for some of the evil looks.

The Location I chose was at Ferry Reach.  There is an old Lime Kiln there that I wanted to use for the Evil look and although I wasn't really sure how or where I was going to shoot the angelic set I found a clearing in the woods that worked out pretty well.

The team for this shoot consisted of:
Photographer:  Mike Jones
Assistant:  Jonathan Sousa
Model:  Jessica Sinclair
MUA:  Christopher Vee
Hair:   Jennifer Williams (and Christopher Vee)
Outfits:  Jessica and Janet Sinclair
Head Pieces: Paradise Flowers

Technical Details:
Canon 5d mk iii with 24-105 F4
Einstien 640 with Beauty Dish
Weather:  Overcast

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45mm, 1/200, F4.5

45mm, 1/125, F4.5

82mm, 1/125, F4.5

82mm, 1/250, F4.5

60mm, 1/250, F4.5

75mm, 1/160, F4.5

105mm, 1/200, F4.5

45mm, 1/200, F4.5

50mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 28mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 85mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 40mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 50mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 40mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

 40mm, 1/100, F4.0, ISO 800

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  1. would have liked to have seen both models together in one shot... but great stuff... awesome love the way you use your lights and strobes, do you always use strobes or do you sometimes use a reflector?

    1. Simon, Its the same model in all the shots. Or did you mean you would have liked a composite of her in both looks within one image ?

      I use strobes more than I use reflectors. Especially for fashion shoots like this. I will choose a reflector over a strobe if I'm shooting a model in the ocean or if I want the a shallow depth of field and I'm shooting at midday. (Although I can overcome that issue with ND filters)


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