Thursday 26 December 2013

Designs by Dean with Sarafina

I arranged this shoot with local designer Dean Williams when I found out that he was creating a collection for the annual Bermuda Society of Arts Fashion Show which took place in November.   Some of the items from the show had already been sold by the time we came to shoot.  Fortunately, some of my favourites were still available and Dean managed to borrow the already sold pants for the shoot.  I did a casting call for the model and we chose Sarafina from the dozen or so models that applied. 

The Make up artist for this shoot was Maria DeBraga.   Hair was styled by Jennifer Williams from Inner Sanctum and my assistant for the day was Jonathan Sousa.  This was shot at Ferry Reach, the same location that I Jessica in the Angels and Demons shoot, but this time we shot at the very end of the park.

Lighting was very simple.  Sun for rim light and the Einstein beauty dish for fill.  Camera was the Canon 5d mk iii with the 70-200 F2.8 lens.

Photographer: Mike Jones
Model: Sarafina Durrant
Designer: Designs by Dean (Dean Williams)
Hair:  Jennifer Williams (Inner Sanctum)
Makeup: Maria DeBraga
Lighting: Jonathan Sousa


105mm, F4 1/400sec

 70mm, F4 1/400sec

123mm, F4 1/400sec

 70mm, F4 1/320sec

120mm, F4.5 1/250sec

185mm, F3.2 1/400sec

 90mm, F3.2 1/250sec

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  1. I thank you (all) for the pleasure of collaboration with the generous artistic talents in abundance! Especially to I welcome & appreciate the talented 'seeing' of the eyes of Mike Jones! The simplistic beauty (in humanity & nature) always attracts & holds my attention! Namaste'...Definitions by Deane


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