Sunday 5 October 2014

Windows - By Rochelle Nicole

When I heard that Rochelle had been selected to be one of the local designers at the City of Hamilton Evolution Fashion Show, I asked her if I could shoot her collection.   The collection is based on Bermuda windows and was used as part of her final year submission at design college and also qualified her to show at the UK student designers Fashion Show.

We did this shoot at the end of July.   First we spent an afternoon scouting the back streets of St George's, looking for coloured walls and windows that were similar to the inspirations she had used to create the collection.

There was a lot of preparation during the days before the shoot as there were a lot of looks to shoot.   The day before the shoot Rochelle found out that she had to fly off the island at midday on the day of the shoot.  We moved up the start time to 4.30am and planned to shoot as much as we could before Rochelle had to leave.  After she left, we shot a couple more looks but didn't complete everything.  A week after Rochelle had returned to the island we did an evening shoot to finish off the looks that were still outstanding.

Session 1:
Models:  Sophie Adams, Karina Rebellato and Tyra Burgess
MUA:  Maria Debraga
Assistant: Akil Simmons

Session 2:
Model:  Tiara Ming
MUA:  Maria Debraga
Assistant:  Miguel Estrella

Canon 5d mk iii w' 70-200 & 24-105
Lighting:  Einstein with 64" PLM


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