Sunday 24 July 2016

Sanele Junior Xaba

Sanele was visiting Bermuda at the beginning of July to take part on the Bermuda International Collections fashion show.  He is a South African model with albinism who is making a name for himself in the fashion world with recent shoots for GQ, Marie Claire and Adidas.   Sanele was also featured in an article in Vogue Homme which discussed the rise of 3 male models with albinism.

When I met Sanele he showed me a couple of collections that he had brought with him that were supplied by South African designers.  The collection that caught my eye was by designer Kim Gush.  The looks were either all black or black and white.  I decided to do the shoot in black and white with a mix of high contrast and low contrast post processing.  I chose Spittal Pond as the location as I felt the dark rocky background would convert well to black and white and add a good texture to the images.  

Shoot Details:
Photographer: Mike Jones
Model: Sanele Junior Xaba  (IG: @sanele_xaba)
Lighting: Anthony Wade
Designer:  Kim Gush Apparel

Camera: 5D mkiii
Lens:   70-200 F2.8 IS
Lighting:  Einstein 640 with Beauty Dish
Filters:  2 Stop ND and 1 Stop CP

Click on image to enlarge (recommended for best viewing)


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