Tuesday 2 August 2016

2016 Swimsuit Series - #3 Michelle

Michelle is a part-time model from Toronto and was in Bermuda for a week in July, visiting a friend.   She thought a beach shoot would be a nice way to end her vacation and found Maria through some Instagram searches.  Unfortunately, the day before the shoot Maria became sick and had to cancel, but thankfully Riley was able to step in and assist with the Make-up.
Concept wise, it was a pretty straight forward sexy beach shoot using swimsuits that Michelle had brought with her.

Shoot Details
Photographer:  Mike Jones
Model: Michelle
MUA:  Riley Mello
Lighting Assistant:  Jonathan Sousa 

Camera: 5D Mk iii
Lens:   70-200 F2.8 IS
Lighting:  Einstein 640 with Beauty Dish
 Filters:  2 Stop ND and 1 Stop CP

The first set of images lent themselves more to fashion style than sexy bikini, so I added a couple of filters to them to give them more of a magazine feel.  The remaining sets were left more natural

Click on image to enlarge (recommended for best viewing)




..... and finally a blooper,
which seems to happen every time there's a model in the ocean.

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