Sunday 22 January 2012

Lip Tattoo Shoot - behind the Scenes

Today's shoot was a beauty shoot using lip tattoos.    Being that its a beauty shoot, with a lot of close up shots there was a great deal of emphasis on the make-up which needed to be immaculate.  Hannah Collins was the make-up artist and did some really great work.   Lip Tattoos were supplied and applied by Monique Stevens, Styling by Monique and James Lee, Hair Stylists were Sierra Scraders and Kiwana Stephens.  Models were Danielle Smith, Sarafina Durrant, Sherri Scott, Courtney Davis and Tamara Bradshaw.

Special Thanks to Alex Masters of whitespace* for allowing us to use the studio.


I have a back log of shoots to edit at the moment,  so today's shoot will be the last of January as I try and catch up on editing.  Tiara'a Hat shoot will be next up, followed by a short beauty shoot with Rachel Sawden, Tiara's final shoot before she left for London and then today's 5 model Lip Tattoo shoot.

Here are some behind the scenes pics and unedited teaser shots.

Styling the shoot. (Monique and James)

Make-up (Hannah)

Hair (Siera)

Tattoo Application (Monique)

Lighting Set up

Teaser Shots (Straight out of camera - unedited)

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