Saturday 28 January 2012

Tiara and the Chinese Water Hats

 When I first saw the hats hanging up on the wall in The Bay Grape store I knew immediately that I wanted to shoot them and it was obvious that the model was going to have to be nude.   I mentioned the hats to Tiara and she loved them too and agreed to be the model, despite being a little scared at having to be naked.

This was shot at Whitespace* Studios.  Afroditi did a great job with the make up which included some really funky eyelashes.  The hats were generously loaned by Amethyst.  They are sold at The Bay Grape store in the Washington Mall.

Technical Info

I used  a 5 light set up.
- The Key light was  a 4x3 soft box and was to camera left at a 45 degree angle and intended to light the back of the hat.  (metered at F11)
- There was also a Parabolic Reflector 64" to camera right at 90 degrees, this was used as a fill light and brighten Tiara's face which was in the shadow of the hat.  (metered at F8)
- There was a rim light, which was a reflector with barn doors.  This was back left and aimed to kick some light off the top for the hat.  (metered at F13)
- There were two background lights, 6x1 soft boxes, one on each side.  (metered at F13)

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