Saturday 21 January 2012

New Gear Has Arrived !

Today my order from Paul Buff arrived.  
 Here's what I got: 

Back Left to Right:  2 Mini Vagabonds, 22 inch beauty dish, 8.5 reflector, 2 Einsteins, 11 inch long throw reflector.  Pocket Wizard MC2.  MacBook Air (this was bought today from town when I went to collect all the Paul Buff stuff)
Front Left to Right:  Pocket Wizard MC2,  64" PLM extreme, Diffuser cover for PLM, Diffuser Cover for Beauty Dish, 2 spare batteries for the Mini Vagabond, extra Mini Vagabond charger, MBA Baby Boom Arm.

Already have:  1 Einstein, 1 MC2, 1 PLM 64 extreme, 1 Mini Vagabond, 1 spare battery and 1 8.5 reflector.   So should be all set for a new style I want to try out.

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