Friday 11 May 2012

'FETISH' by Alexandra Mosher

The inspiration of this Fetish shoot started out when I saw a pic of Tamara wearing a piece that Alexandra Mosher designed for a Fetish Art show.

I contacted Alexandra and asked her if she had any other pieces and whether I could shoot them.  We met shortly after for a brainstorming session.  Alexandra was excited by the concept and offered to make custom pieces for the shoot.
The basic inspiration for the shoot theme  was a youtube video of Lindsey Lohan called "Lindsey's private party".  Becca had shown me this video a couple of years ago, but we never got round to basing a shoot on it.  The inspiration for the style of poses was taken from a shoot in the April Edition of Vogue Italia,  basically trying to take the edgy video concept and putting an Editorial spin on it.

The models I chose for the shoot were Whitney Mortfitt, who had been on my 'waiting list' for well over a year and Chelsey Simonds who was had expressed the desire to add something different to her portfolio.

Christopher Vee offered to do the make-up and created this look specifically for this shoot.

Thanks also to Newstead for allowing us to use one of their suites.

Designer: Alexandra Mosher
Models:  Whitney Morfitt and Chelsey Simonds
Make Up:  Christopher Vee

Technical Info:
Canon 1D mk iv
All shots are taken with one Einstein 640.
Light Modifier (Beauty Dish or PLM 64")
F-Stop between 4-9.5
ISO 100, 1/125.






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  1. Robert Daniels15 May 2012 at 12:03

    I know OMG is kinda Cliche...but ummm OMG!!! :D
    stunning work as usual Mike. And Kudos to the ladies!!! Mercy..Whitney I can never look at you the same again (both hands covering eyes while peeking through my fingers..) aha!

  2. this is! all kinds of wickedbadsickawesome! the ideas, the concept, the execution, styling, lighting... 110% all around! kudos to all involved!


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