Saturday 19 May 2012

Tamara - Swimsuit Shoot Part 1

This is the second swimsuit shoot that Tamara and I have done.  The first one was back in November 2010 and was more of a fashion style.  This time Tamara wanted the images to be more like Sports Illustrated swimsuit style.  The intention was to shoot 3 outfits, however, the weather, which had been nice all day, started to turn cloudy as we started to shoot.  We started with this black bikini at one beach and got the following images.
 By the time we got to the second location the weather had deteriorated, we shot some images but in the end decided not to use them and rather to reschedule the remainder of the shoot on a better day.    For this kind of shoot you really do need a nice sunny day with blue skies and aquamarine water, as soon as the clouds roll in the sky goes grey and the sea loses all of its beautiful colours.

Technical Info:
Canon 1d iv
EF 70-200 @ F2.8
EF 24-105 @ F4
Natural Light (no reflector)

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