Sunday 10 June 2012

Gabriella in "Shifting Colors"

This shoot with Gabbi was inspired by a Greg Kadels colorful shoot for Numero #134 which featured a selection of trendy outfits shot in an urban setting with colorful buildings.

I've shot with Gabbi many times but this was the first time that we have done something with a more editorial feel.

We shot in the car park at Noah's Ark pet store.  Although its not colorful it had the architecture I needed to give the images the feel that they were shot somewhere other than Bermuda.  Post processing was then used to give the images the artificial/colorful feel that I took as my original inspiration.

 Thanks goes to Afroditi who did a beautiful job with Gabbis make-up and also to Jonathan Sousa for being the lighting assistant

Technical Info
Canon 1d mk iv
EF 24-105mm F4 IS
Einstein 640 with long throw reflector

Lighting:  I've been using this long throw reflector a lot as my go to lighting for editorial shoots.  I like the hard shadows that it creates when used as the main light source and it also works as a nice fill in bright sunlight.

24mm, 1/350, F6.7

75mm, 1/180, F6.7

40 mm, 1/500, F9.5

45mm, 1/350, f5.6

55mm, 1/350, F5.6

55mm, 1/250, F5.6

47mm, 1/250, F5.6

24mm (Cropped), 1/350, F8

35mm, 1/350, F9.5

32mm, 1/250, F9.5

82mm, 1/350, F4.5

45mm, 1/500, F4.5

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