Saturday 2 June 2012

Part 2: "Natural Beauty" By Christopher Vee

This is the second part of the Beauty Shoot that I did with Christopher Vee a couple of weeks ago.  Part 1 was a bold look with bright make up to match the Moroccan necklace, this shoot was the complete opposite with the aim to keep the make up very natural and simple.
The models Christopher chose for the shoot were Riley and Malyssa.  I shot with Riley a couple of years ago but this is the first time that Malyssa and I have worked together.

Thanks to Alex Masters for letting us use
whitespace* studio

The shots of Riley were edited with the intention of giving the skin tones a pearlescent feel.  This was done by adjusting the RGB curves and some Dodging and Burning.  The hardest part of the edit for both Riley and Malyssa's images was fixing the stray hairs that covered the skin, especially when they are in clusters.  I really dont have a technique for fixing this and after several failed attempts decided not remove some of the more problematic areas.

ISO 100
1/250 sec

Lighting:  33.5" Mola Beauty Dish (Straight-on)

With the shots of Malyssa I still used the Mola Beauty Dish but had it slightly off to the left to create a more contrasty look.   In post I increased the contrast between shadow and highlights with Dodge and Burn as well as added some sharpening.

ISO 100
1/250 sec

Lighting:  33.5" Mola Beauty Dish (Camera left)


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