Sunday 30 June 2013

Eva - Lets go to the beach (NSFW)


Following on from the sunrise/silhouette shoot with Eva that was posted earlier this week, here are the shots from the next series that we did once the sunrise had lost its warm colour.  I admit this set lacks a little continuity, there's a mixture of lighting techniques, and compositions that don't really flow as one series and one black and white, that sticks out like a sore thumb.  The intention was to do some landscape shots and also some close up body shots, there was quite a bit of experimentation and a technical issue that we had to work around.

Model:  Eva
Assistant: Susan Thomas


Body Shots

These shots were taken with strong side lighting to accentuate the muscle tone and ribs.  The sun was low to camera left and there was an Einstein (Beauty Dish) to camera right.

The exposure for all these shots was ISO 50, 1/200, F6.3

Lens 24-105

The reason for the choice to do the last image in this series as a black and white, is because Eva was covered on clumps of sand that had to be removed in Photoshop.  Replacing the sand with fake skin was troublesome, but by turning it to black and white the colour variation problem was solved.  I thought about not including the image at all, as it feels so out of place, but I loved the pose so here it is.

The intention was to shoot a lot more of this style, however, during this series the strobe took an unfortunate fall and stopped working.   As I needed the light to create this style of image, we had to improvise and move on to other things.   We also shot a couple of other poses before the light fell, but they didn't really work out and have been omitted.

More Silhouettes

Now without my trusty strobe for my fill light,  we abandoned the body shots and moved on to shooting with just natural light.  I gave Eva a piece of sheer white material that I had bought.   So we played around with that for a while, trying to see what shapes we could create.

65mm, 1/80 sec, F11

24mm, 1/125sec, F11

24mm, 1/400, F11

24mm, 1/800, F14


As part of this shoot I had planned to do some landscape shots.  Most likely they would have been natural light regardless of whether the strobe was working or not.   So we just grabbed the camera and headed up the beach to find some interesting angles and lighting and to see what we could come up with.  Of course as usual I ended up shooting from a low angle on the edge of the surf and got totally soaked.

Lens 70-200

70mm, 1/1600, F2.8

105mm, 1/1600, F2.8

70mm, 1/5000sec, F2.8

70mm, 1/5000sec, F2.8 

88mm, 1/4000sec, F2.8 

120mm, 1/5000sec, F2.8 

70mm (cropped) 1/5000sec, F2.8 

70mm, 1/5000sec, F2.8 

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