Friday 28 June 2013

Eva - The Race Against The Sun (NSFW)


Eva contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if I'd be interested in
collaborating with her.   She's a fine art nude model from the USA and was here visiting a friend.   As it happened I'd taken a couple of vacation days to watch the US Open so I was free in the mornings, other than my intention to be editing the surfer girl shoot.   Eva mentioned that she wanted to shoot on Bermuda's beautiful beaches so we chose a remote beach and an early start time (6am sunrise)

Ask anyone that has ever assisted for me and I'm sure they'll agree that I am reasonably well organised when it comes to a shoot (usually).  I'll already have a fairly good idea of what the images I want to capture will look like and quite often I'll have a cheat sheet of poses that I want the model to try out,  I'll have already scouted out the location at the time of the day I plan to shoot and I'll know exactly what wardrobe we are shooting. (not applicable in Eva's case)

So for this shoot I decided to use the same beach that I shot the surfer girl shoot on.  Its the last beach on the left at Coopers Island.  The sunrises at 6.15am but first light is at 5.45am.  For surfer girls we started shooting at about 5.50am, so I knew we needed to be there around the same time.  Eva was staying in Tucker's Town, she gave me the address and I agreed to pick her up at 5.00am.  I got up at 4am, Susan Thomas who was my assistant for the day arrived on time and we left my place at the planned time (4.45am) and headed to Tucker's Town to pick up Eva.  And this is where all the planning suddenly went out of the window.

We could not find the address that Eva had given me.  We drove around and around for almost an hour, at one point we were knocking on the door of someone's house over by Tucker's Point Hotel, miles from where we needed to be.  Also at one point we ended up on Tucker's Point golf course.  We were completely lost and had no contact number for Eva.  We had started off in pitch darkness but by the time we found Eva's house first light was already up and the sun was coming up really soon.  Eva had actually given up waiting and had gone back to bed assuming I was a no show.  With introductions kept to a minimum, we rushed from Tucker's Town all the way over to Coopers Island, well as fast as you can rush when the speed limit is 35kmph ;-)

By the time we got to the entrance to Coopers Island it was after 6am, we should have been shooting already, so there was no time to walk the 10 minutes up to Long Beach.  I grabbed my camera, leaving everything else in the car and we ran to the nearest beach we could find.  Eva whipped off her clothes and started hitting her poses without any opportunity to chat about what we wanted to accomplish or review the cheat sheet.   We literally got there with seconds to spare before the sun broke the horizon.

I switched to aperture priority for ease of exposure and chimped the first couple of images, made some adjustments and fired away.  Thank goodness Eva is a professional model and needs no direction.   She knocked out pose after pose, all different, mostly elegant and way better than what I had planned on my cheat sheet.   In the space of 21 minutes we captured 350 images, about 1 shot every 4 seconds.   By 6.30am the sun had risen to the point were the sunrise sky was lost and this part of the shoot was wrapped up.   When you see the images you will not sense the heart racing, adrenaline pumping and sheer relief that we experienced in our race against the sun.

There are 2 more sets that we shot that day.  They will be posted in the next couple of days once final editing is completed.

Technical Info
Canon 1D mk iv
EF 24-105mm and 70-200mm


75mm 1/160sec ISO 125 F2.8

70mm 1/100sec ISO 125 F2.8

75mm 1/100sec ISO 125 F2.8

 45mm  F4 1/100 ISO 125

 45mm  F4 1/100 ISO 125

 40mm  F4 1/250 ISO 125

 40mm  F4 1/250 ISO 125

 60mm  F4 1/640 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/640 ISO 125 

 35mm  F4 1/1600 ISO 125 

 28mm  F4 1/800 ISO 125 

 105mm  F4 1/2500 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/1250 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/800 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/800 ISO 125 

24mm  F4 1/1250 ISO 125 

 28mm  F4 1/1000 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/1250 ISO 125 

 24mm  F4 1/1250 ISO 125 

 35mm  F4 1/800 ISO 125 

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