Friday 8 May 2015

D'ezir - Designs by Desireé

Last  month whilst on a shoot with Desireé I found out that she, James and Chineza, were putting on their own fashion show and each of them, along with 3 other designers were presenting their own collections.  Each collection was based on a location, D'ezir was based on Africa.  You can see my images from the show on my Facebook Firetog page.  After the show I bumped into Desireé and asked if I could shoot the collection for the blog

Desireé chose 12 outfits to use in the shoot and selected 6 models, most of whom walked in the show.  We had to postpone the shoot a week due to inclement weather and thankfully last Sunday turned out perfect.   Being that there were so many looks I thought that it would take close to 9 hours to shoot, so I initially planned to shoot a morning session and then an afternoon session.   We had planned to start shooting at 8am,  break at 1pm and then start again at 2pm and go until about 7pm.  By 1pm we had already shot several of the looks that were planned for the afternoon session so we decided to skip lunch and just push on and finish the final sets.  We were all done by 3pm.

We had to assemble a big team to help get through all these looks so a big thank you to everyone that came out and supported us.  The team was as follows:

Designer:  Desireé Riley
Photographer: Mike Jones
Stylist and Creative director:  Desireé Riley
Make up Artist: James Lee
Hair Stylist: Cindy
Models: In order of appearance:  Catrina Nicole, Azana Carmen, Larussy Douglas, Indigo Palacio, Precious Cooper and Corrie Cross
Lighting Assistants:   Glen Tucker (Set 1), Jacin Lowe (Set 2) and Larussy Douglas (Set 3)
Model Assistant:  Kimberley Moore

Technical Details
Canon 1Dx with 24-105
Einstein with 22" Beauty Dish
2 stop ND filter
Circular Polariser 

Weather: Continually changing between sunny and cloudy

Click on Image to Enlarge (recommended for best viewing)

1/100, F6.3, ISO 100, 82mm (ND,CP)

1/100, F4, ISO 50, 65mm (ND,CP)

1/100, F4, ISO 50, 58mm (ND,CP)

1/100, F4, ISO 50, 65mm

1/200, F4, ISO 50, 73mm

1/100, F4, ISO 200, 50mm

1/100, F4, ISO 100, 50mm

1/200, F4, ISO 100, 58mm

1/100, F4, ISO 100, 65mm

1/100, F4, ISO 200, 58mm

1/100, F5, ISO 200, 58mm

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 60mm

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 75mm

1/200, F5, ISO 200, 75mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F6.3, ISO 160, 70mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F6.3, ISO 160, 96mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F4.5, ISO 100, 67mm

1/160, F4.5, ISO 100, 82mm

1/160, F5.6, ISO 100, 65mm

1/160, F5.6, ISO 100, 73mm

1/160, F5.6, ISO 100, 90mm

1/125, F6.3, ISO 100, 55mm

1/125, F56, ISO 160, 55mm

1/125, F5.6, ISO 160, 55mm

1/200, F5.6, ISO 160, 65mm

1/200, F5, ISO 160, 73mm (ND,CP)

1/200, F5, ISO 160, 73mm (ND,CP)

1/200, F5, ISO 160, 84mm (ND,CP)

1/200, F5, ISO 160, 73mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F5, ISO 100, 80mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F5, ISO 100, 93mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F5.6, ISO 100, 98mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 80mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 70mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 75mm (ND,CP)

1/160, F4, ISO 100, 84mm (ND,CP)

1/250, F4, ISO 160, 90mm (ND,CP)

1/250, F4, ISO 160, 75mm (ND,CP)

1/250, F4, ISO 160, 97mm (ND,CP)

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