Thursday 14 May 2015

Sunday Sunrise with Sophie (NSFW)

Last week I saw on Facebook that Sophie was back in Bermuda and although my summer shoots were already fully booked my plans for Sunday morning had changed and I had a free morning.  I asked her if she wanted to shoot and whether she had any concepts and suitable clothing.  After a quick look through Pintrest she came back to me with some inspiration images, that were a combination of casual baggy tops and implied nudes, all on a beach location.  A simple concept that was easy to put together a short notice.

Contains Implied Nudity

 I asked Maria if she was available to do the make up and Jonathan agreed to come and assist.  We decided to shoot the sunrise and I picked Maria up at 4.45am.  Make-up was completed by 6am and we were at the beach at 6.30am and ready for the sunrise.  Unfortunately there were thick clouds on the horizon so the sun never broke through.   I had planned to use natural light and use a reflector for fill but there wasn't enough sunlight to use the reflector and I ended up shooting the entire shoot with just natural light. 

Photographer:  Mike Jones
Model: Sophie Fraser Smith
MUA: Maria De Braga
Assistant: Jonathan Sousa


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  1. Gorgeous model; awesome use of props.

    Do you do maternity shoots?

  2. Sorry, I don't do maternity shoots


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