Sunday 26 July 2015

Aminat - Fashion Shoot

The Bermuda Fashion Festival 2015 kicked off on Monday 6th with the Hair and Beauty show, but for me it started two days earlier with this shoot with celebrity model Aminat Ayinde.  Aminat is signed with Ice Models (SA) but is probably best known for her TV appearances in ANTM (cycle 12) and Project Runway All-stars (season 2).
A month before the shoot I had been chatting with  Amir X and he had mentioned that he was bringing to Bermuda several international models, one of whom was his good friend Aminat.  So I asked Amir if there was any chance he could hook me up with a shoot.  Fortunately for me, Aminat was coming to Bermuda earlier than all the other guest celebrities and had some free time.


Aminat said she wanted a location that was exotic and represented Bermuda,  so we came up with the idea of shooting at a beach location with pools, rocks and mangrove trees.  Amir provided and styled the looks with clothing that he had already shipped in for the fashion show.

The two piece bathing suit is by Gavin Rajah (South African Designer), the white handkerchief dress was Aminat's own and the black dress is by Douglas Says (NY Designer).

I assembled a big team to assist me with the shoot.  We met several times before Aminat arrived to create the concept.

The Team:
Photographer: Mike Jones
Model: Aminat Ayinde
Stylist: Amir X
MUA: Maria De Braga
Pre Shoto Hair Consultation: Salon Pink (Pinky, Rinelle and Chelsea)
Hair Stylists: Salon Pink (Samantha and Alex)
Lighting Assistants:  Bryant Richards and Jack Thomas

Camera: 1Dx
Lens:   70-200 F2.8 IS, 24-105 F4 IS
Lighting:  Einstein 640 with 64" PLM

 Click on image to enlarge (recommended for best viewing)





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  1. SPEECHLESS!!! Bie this is what i'm talking about!!!! Holy Shiiiiite!!! Those BnW are straight fire!!!!!

  2. This is amazing work...Well Done!!!

  3. Amazing. SHOOT was more more more.

  4. Aminat is on fire!! She should have won ANTM but she is doing her thing! All the best to her!


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