Sunday 30 August 2015

As the sun goes down with Rochelle

Rochelle contacted me several months ago and mentioned that she would be home for several weeks around cup match and wanted to shoot.  Its been a couple of years since we have shot together, although last year I shot her windows collection but she was the designer and stylist on that shoot not the model. Rochelle came up with the concept for this shoot, which was loosely based on a image she found of a model crouching in water, wearing bright colors and an Asian style hat.  

The lighting for this shoot was a bit of a mistake, I brought the 64" PLM and a long throw reflector to the shoot but left the beauty dish at home.  When we got to the location it was too windy for the PLM so I left it in the car.  Therefore all the shots are taken with the long throw reflector which wasn't ideal.  I really only intended to use that for shots where Rochelle was quite a distance from me.  It was a case of oh well let's see if we can make it work.

We asked James Lee to do the make-up and Justin Cann came along to assist with the lighting

Photographer: Mike Jones
Model: Rochelle Minors
MUA: James Lee
Lighting: Justin Cann

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  1. Beautiful inside and out! Continue to reach for the stars, Ro!!


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