Tuesday 7 August 2012

Bottle Top Bikini: Part 4 - Cleo at Nine Beaches

This was the fourth shoot from the bottle top bikini series as designed by James Lee.  The model for this shoot was Cleo and she was modeling the Heineken cap monokini swimsuit.

We decided to shoot at 9 beaches, it was an evening shoot.  We were hoping for a cool sunset setting however, when we arrived there was a slight sprinkling of rain, but fortunately it didn't last too long.  We had seen some interesting images of the huts perched out in the water, but we weren't able to get to that set as access to them was behind a locked gate.   Consequently we couldn't get to the side of the headland where we needed to be to see the sun set.

I suspect we either needed a boat or very low tide.  Its quite possible that we could have waded around the headland, but that wasnt going to happen when you have a to take a non waterproof DSLRs and a very water sensitive strobe and power supply with you.   All was not lost, as there some other huts on the edge of the water and also some interesting wrecked boats that were washed up on the beach.   When you shoot every week you have to accept that the conditions or location aren't always going to turn out perfect and you have to try and make the best from what you have.

Model: Cleo
MUA: Kyla Tear (MAC)
Designer: James Lee
Assistant: Kameron

Technical Stuff.

Canon 1D mk iv
Einstein Strobe / Beauty Dish

Here are the pics

Click Image to Enlarge

123mm, 1/125sec, F6.7, ISO 100

88mm, 1/125sec, F6.7, ISO 100

 70mm, 1/125sec, F5.6, ISO 100

75mm, 1/125sec, F5.6, ISO 160

80mm, 1/125sec, F5.6, ISO 160

 75mm, 1/125sec, F5.6, ISO 160

 88mm, 1/90sec, F5.6, ISO 160

 70mm, 1/125sec, F5.6, ISO 250

 95mm, 1/500sec, F4.0, ISO200

 70mm, 1/350sec, F4.0, ISO400

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