Wednesday 15 August 2012

Sophie wearing Definitions By Dean

I've been wanting to shoot some of Dean's work for over 2 years.  I came very close in December 2010, but bad weather put pay to those plans.
As Dean's collection's are mostly custom made orders, they are already sold, so he rarely has any stock outfits sitting unsold on a rail.  Dean, therefore, generously offered to design something specifically for this shoot.

 He liked the idea of challenging himself to create a small collection that was editorial, unique and at the same time cohesive.    The concept I asked for was a sports wear/ready to wear style collection with a Amish/Religious twist.   Alexa Chung's outfits was my inspiration.

Dean had committed to making 3 outfits, but to my surprise got carried away and created a collection of 5.  Each outfit has the distinctive  'Definitions by Dean' look and at the same time incorporated something from the inspiration.   These outfits are now available for sale (if they haven't already been sold).  If interested in purchasing them or having something custom made contact Dean

I chose Sophie for this shoot,   We had agreed to shoot back in March when I was planning my all my summer shoots.   A fashion shoot was the obvious choice due to her age and her experience on the runway.  She has also done quite a lot of commercial shoots for local stores, but said that they like her to smile a lot which results in her looking several years younger than she really is.   One of the aims of this shoot was to create a set of images that were less youthful and less 'happy' looking.

Shaela Godfrey from MAC offered to do the make up and decided to give Sophie 'angry eyebrows' to go along with the not so happy expression Sophie was planning on giving.  Shaela did a beautiful job and it was interesting to sit and watch as she contoured Sophie's cheek bones.  Interesting, because Shaela was using a lot of the same techniques that I use in photoshop, just with make-up and in 3D, but the theory was exactly the same.

Thanks also to Anthony Francis for coming along and assisting on such a hot day.

The initial concept was to do a compilation shot with Sophie looking very stoic (emotionless), standing in water at different depths.   As this required her to get soaking wet it was shot last and can be found in the last set of images.   The remainder of the collections were shot at Spital pond.  There is a dead tree there that I have wanted to include in a shoot for several years, so this seemed like the perfect time to incorporate it into a shoot.

The toughest part of this shoot was the wind blowing Sophie's fine hair all over the place.  In the end we just have to go with the wind swept look.  I edited some of the strays out of the shots but in a lot of the shots there were too many strays or they were across the face and too difficult to remove.

Technical Data:
Canon 1D mk iv
Einstein w' Beauty Dish.


60mm, 1/350, F6.7 

60mm, 1/350, F6.7  

47mm, 1/500, F6.7 

47mm, 1/500, F6.7  

47mm, 1/300, F6.7 

67mm, 1/350, F6.7  

60mm, 1/350, F6.7  

47mm, 1/350, F6.7  

 88mm, 1/350, F6.7 

 84mm, 1/350, F6.7 

73mm, 1/350, F6.7  

55mm (cropped), 1/350, F6.7  

73mm, 1/500, F5.6  

105mm, 1/500, F5.6 

55mm, 1/500, F8 

 85mm, 1/500, F8 

90mm, 1/350, F8  

90mm, 1/350, F8 

105mm, 1/350, F8 

105mm, 1/45, F22, ISO 200 

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  1. I hate to be a stalker.....but I do love your pictures on your are a very talented photographer and it does help that you carefully choose the subject/location
    Keep them coming.....

  2. Awed, Inspired, humbled, honored, pleased, proud, & overwhelmed...are but a few adjectives that spring to mind ca. 4a.m. Namaste!...xo

  3. abundanceoftarragon16 August 2012 at 15:39

    Wow! Splendid photography and magnificently imaginative designs! Congratulations to you both!


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