Saturday 26 January 2013

Kira Doran - Make up by Marcia Adiutori

This is the first of four shoots that I will be posting from a shoot I did with the Make-up artists at the MAC store.
The shoot was discussed last summer when I was visiting MAC on a regular basis.  Marcia came up with the idea of having a little party  one night after work.  It was a great idea, we had wine and nibbles and each MUA's had to come up with their own creative make up concept, which I then got to shoot.  I stayed off the wine for as long as I could resist.

The first model to be shot was Kira.   This was her first shoot but surprisingly she didn't appear nervous at all and her confidence and bubbly personality was the perfect match for Marcia's fun loving candy makeup concept.  Working with a model for the first time is always interesting as you never know what results you are going to get.  Kira's images blew me away, she has a great connection with the camera and her energy really shines through in each image.  Needless to say it was a joy to shoot and hopefully you will be seeing more from us sometime this year.

Model:  Kira Duran
MUA: Marcia Adiutori (MAC)
Hair: Tanju (TK Hair Salon)

Technical Info:

Canon 1D mk iv
Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS
Einstein w' Beauty Dish
California Sunbounce 3x2 silver reflector

The light set up was a standard beauty shoot set up, the the Beauty dish straight in front of the model (slightly to the right to avoid the stand getting in the shot), and the reflector under the models chin.  This was the same setup I used for all four shoots.  It was shot in the MAC store and the backdrop is just a regular white wall.   For Kira's shots I moved the chair away from the wall so that it is more grey than white.

By the time I arrived at the store all the models had already had their hair done and most were already in Make-up, so I wasn't able to grab any before shots.


F14, 97mm

F16, 85mm 

F16, 65mm

F16, 73 mm

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