Monday 28 January 2013

Ashanti Gibbons by Paloma Pernica

This is the second of four shoots that I did with the Make-up artists at the MAC store.  The make-up for this one was done by Paloma, who has recently joined the team.   The model is Ashanti Gibbons.  Just like Kira in the first shoot and also Jessica in the one that will follow shortly, I scouted Ashanti at the Evolution fashion show rehearsals

This was Ashanti's first ever shoot, so it took a little while before she got into a flow and was able to connect with the camera.   Once she was more relaxed and had gotten over the initial bout of nerves we start to get some shots that I was pleased with.   Paloma has gone for a much more edgy style of make-up than the fun concept Marcia did for Kira, so I tried to guide Ashanti into poses and expressions that better fit the concept, keeping it a little more editorial and a little more serious.

Technical Info:

Canon 1D mk iv
Canon EF 24-105 F4 L IS
Einstein w' Beauty Dish
California Sunbounce 3x2 silver reflector

The light set up was a standard beauty shoot set up, the the Beauty dish straight in front of the model (slightly to the right to avoid the stand getting in the shot), and the reflector under the models chin.  This was the same setup I used for all four shoots.  It was shot in the MAC store and the backdrop is just a regular white wall. 


F16, 47mm

F16, 45mm

F16, 95mm

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  1. I love these photos, especially the side profile shot. And the 'lace' make up is so cool - gotta love MAC! :)

    ~Hannah xx


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