Thursday 10 January 2013

Sophie Adams - Make Up By Serena Brangman

Last week Serena Brangman and I collaborated on a series of beauty shoots.  Serena was looking to add some more beauty images to her portfolio and as the NFL season is drawing to a close, it was time for me to get off the couch and start shooting again.   We shot 5 models during a 7 hour session.

The first model is Sophie Adams.  Serena was looking for a variety of skin colours and ethnicity.  I suggested we use Sophie for the "white" girl. 

Model: Sophie Adams
MUA:  Serena Brangman
Hair: Christina Troja
Location: Jakoma Studio

Technical Info:

1D mk iv
24-105 F4 L IS
Einstein  w' Beauty Dish
Einstein w' 3x2 gridded soft box
California Sunbounce Reflector 3x2

The light set up was very straight forward,  key light was the beauty dish reading F14, positioned just to the left of camera.  The soft box was camera right and behind Sophie and used as a hair light, reading F16.  The reflector was placed in front and below Sophie to fill the shadows under the nose and chin. I shot 1/3 of a stop over at F13.


105mm @ F13 (Cropped)

 105mm @ F13

  105mm @ F13

For this shoot I decided to take a shot of each model before they went into make up so that you can see the transformation that occurs from Hair and Make up.

 Before hair and make-up.

As was shot at the studio (Taken from the raw file, no editing)

This is the final image after editing

For editing I did the folowing

Healing brush - for blemishes
Frequency Separation Technique for Skin smoothing
Transform/warp for shape altering
Dodge and Burn for highlights and shadows
No Sharping was used

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