Sunday 20 January 2013

Yuki Hoshina - Make Up By Serena Brangman

This is the third of the beauty shoots that I did in collaboration with Make up artist Serena Brangman.  As mentioned in previous posts Serena wanted a mix of ethnicities and Yuki was chosen obviously for her Asian features.

Model: Yuki Hoshina
MUA:  Serena Brangman
Hair: Christina Troja
Location: Jakoma Studio

Technical Info:

1D mk iv
24-105 F4 L IS
Einstein  with 11 inch long throw relector
California Sunbounce Reflector 3x2

I shot Yuki against a white wall.  By moving Yuki and the lighting setup further away from the wall it causes less light to fall onto the wall and therefore the wall appears grey.  The principle is a physics law called the inverse square law and is well described in this link.   Rules to Perfect Lighting

I changed the light modifier to the 11" long throw reflector.   It produces an edgier (harder) shadow than the beauty dish and is one of my favourite modifiers for fashion shoots.  In the close up shot, you can see in there's a vary small dot of a catchlight in upper part of Yuki's iris.  The beauty dish would show up as a larger circle than the small reflector.  (You will see this if you study the close up shot of Sherall in the previous post).    The larger catchlight in the lower part of the iris is a reflection of the silver reflector that was placed at waist height.

Exposure:  I shot most of these beauty shoots at F13 or above.  In the past I have used lower apertures F5.6 and F8 and have found that with certain lenses that the depth of field has caused the back eye to go out of focus.  As I wanted these shots to have no drop off in focus so I chose the higher aperture.


F13, 105mm (cropped)


F13,  90mm

 F13, 50mm

F13, 50mm

For these shoots I decided to take a shot of each model before they went into make up so that you can see the transformation that occurs from Hair and Make up.

 Before hair and make-up.


 As was shot at the studio (Taken from the raw file, no editing)

 This is the final image after editing

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