Saturday 19 January 2013

Sherall Seymour - Make Up By Serena Brangman

This shoot with Sherall is the second of a series of five Beauty shoots that I did in collaboration with Serena Brangman.

Serena wanted the five models to differ in ethnicity and skin tone.  Sherall was chosen for her dark skin tones and Indian mix.  I had shot Sherall last year and once I'd shown Serena those pics we agreed that she was the perfect choice.  Obviously being gorgeous was also a key factor LOL.

Model: Sherall Seymour
MUA:  Serena Brangman
Hair: Christina Troja
Location: Jakoma Studio

Technical Info:

1D mk iv
24-105 F4 L IS
Einstein  w' Beauty Dish
Einstein w' 3x2 gridded soft box
California Sunbounce Reflector 3x2

I shot Sherall against a plain white wall.  I used a combination of one and two light sources,  sometimes just the beauty dish and sometimes I added the gridded softbox as a rim light/hair light.

The first set up, shots one and two below, was a beauty dish which is a couple of feet to the left of the camera and a reflector is below Sherall's face and just out of the shot.  The gridded soft box was behind and to the right of Sherall.

For the profile shot the light was far to the right.  If you can image a clock face and Sherall is the centre of the clock, the camera is at 6 o'clock and the beauty dish was at 4 o'clock.  I dont believe the gridded soft box was used for this shot.


 F13, 105mm

 F13, 105mm (cropped)

F13, 70mm (cropped)

For these shoots I decided to take a shot of each model before they went into make up so that you can see the transformation that occurs from Hair and Make up.

 Before hair and make-up.

 As was shot at the studio (Taken from the raw file, no editing)

This is the final image after editing

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  1. Mike, this is the best shoot I have seen in your work.My favourite shot is the last one. Just beautiful!


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